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Class 18 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business


(continued from last class) Reading the Imagination of Space in Literature



  • Franco Moretti, Graphs, Maps, Trees (2005), pp. 35-64
    • Student passages chosen for discussion:
      • Samantha B (p. 38)
        "I encountered all sorts of shapes-linear trajectories, binary fields, triangulations, multi-polar stories-but never a circular pattern.  Where on earth do these rings come from?"
      • Angelica (p. 42)
        "Mitford's neat stylization of rural space, however -- with its alchemical transmutation of the 'rough circle' of work into a ring of pleasure -- is not mentalite, but rather ideology: the world-view of different social actor (an urban visitor), whose movements duplicate the perimeter of rural mentalite, but completely reverse its symbolic associations."
      • Noemy (p. 43)
        Figure 17: Central Places 




1. "Deformance" and "Glitch"





  • Deformance and Glitch: What's the Idea?




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