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Class 16 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business


  • Next class
    • The central reading assignment for Class 17 is Franco Moretti, Graphs, Maps, Trees (2005), pp. 35-64 (the chapter on "Maps").  Prior to class, each student should edit the page titled "Passages chosen for discussion from Franco Moretti's 'Maps' Chapter" (located in the practicum folder for the day) to mark out a passage or map in the chapter that they think is worth discussion or have a question about.  Look for something that sparks  your interest, makes you deeply puzzled, or that you think is particularly important for literary studies.  (Be sure to "save" the page when you are done, both to save your work and to release the editing lock so that others can edit!)
    • Practicum on mapping for next class.
    • Tech help if you need it



1. Introduction


  • Language: Linguistics, Anthropology Arrow right Structuralism  Arrow right Deconstruction
    (impact on Humanities in the 1960's-70's)


  • Probability: Math, Physics, Info Theory Arrow right Topic Modeling
    Network: Sociology, Math, Info Science Arrow right Network Analysis
    (impact on Humanities Now)



2. Our Social Network Analysis Practicums (and other examples)



3. Concept of Networks (& Social Network Analysis)


  • Phenomena that appear in distant reading:

          (in escalating scale of possible disturbance to humanists)


    • Pattern
    • Scale phenomena / Cyclical phenomena
    • Quantitative phenomena
    • Probabilistic phenomena
    • [Network phenomena]


  • The "Network" Concept: (Google Books Ngram Viewer: "network")








4. Social Network Analysis in the Humanities










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